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The Fenix 120 is made of durable EPP foam and has an 120 Centimeter ( 47 inch ) wingspan.

This Kit includes the control Horns and Pushrods, the servo Slots are pre cut and the motor mount is in place ready to mount your motor.

It needs about 10 ounces of thrust to fly, we recommend a CF2812 motor that will give you 24 oz of thrust. you need an 850 mah lipo battery with 3 cells (11.1V) the ESC should be 20 amps. all up flying weight is about 14 oz.

This is a great indoor ( Large Gym) or outdoor backyard flyer. Just an all round good trainer and flyer will fly in wind. Its High wing low CG design is perfect for a nice stable long glide flight.

not included:

transmitter & receiver

2 servos

CF2822 motor, 9X5 props and 20 amp ESC

Landing gear & wheels (can easily be flown without landing gear)


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