Fenix 100 4 channel trainer

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This is a Fenix 100 with ailerons and wheels and landing gear.


Additional item needed:

2730 1300KV blue wonder motor

DD 8×6 prop

(4) 9 gram servos

12 – 20 amp ESC

450 – 650 mah 3 cell


1 review for Fenix 100 4 channel trainer

  1. lhackney34

    I got mine from a swap meet an im definitely a novice at flying but had it flying easy i crashed it a few times broke the tail an nose but only took some hot glue an was back in the air i did add popsicle sticks just to reinforce but i definitely recommend to somone new i love mine an plan to buy more in the future

    • dan great

      Was it the 3 or 4 channel the 4 channel comes with nose armor and the wing is super strong. Glad you like it they are a lot of fun and fly quite well.


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